Simply put, the best payout online casinos are those with the highest payout percentage. If you are new to online gambling you may wonder what we mean by payout casinos and how this affects your odds of winning. Our team at Slotscasinos will explain exactly what this is, and how to use this to your advantage when gambling online.

Best paying casino online

What is a payout percentage?

Essentially a payout percentage is a number the best payout online casinos use to explain how often or how much their online casino games pay out to their players. You should be on the lookout for the highest payout casino game number possible, or the closest to 100%. If the payout percentage is listed as 97%, this means that for every $100 wagered by players, $97 will be paid out in winnings. The best payout casino online would then pocket $3. While you are still losing money, you are not losing vast portions of your bankroll. These numbers are basically saying the online payout casino enjoys a 3% advantage over the players. This is not bad at all and gives players a decent shot at winning real money Canada. Many players want to know what the best paying online casino Canada is, which is why it is important to look at these numbers.

It should be noted that this example is only what happens on average, and there can be instances where players bet $100 and lose much more than $3. There are also instances where players bet $100 and win a jackpot. This is after all why people gamble. To try and win that elusive jackpot. As stated, the best payout online casinos are not a guarantee, but rather an indication of what casino odds players can expect from certain online casino games.


If you are genuinely after the best payouts, you should stay at home and gamble online instead of going out to your local brick and mortar casino. Simply put, online casinos offer much higher payout numbers than live casinos do.

The reason for this is due to operating costs. The costs of running a brick and mortar which would include paying staff salaries, the cost of buying physical machines and renting or owning floor space is immense compared to running an online payout casino. As such the best payout online casinos have much lower operating costs which mean they can offer players a higher payout without compromising their profits. This makes for a happier balance between casino and player.


Now that you understand what a payout percentage is, you may have seen and queried what an audited payout percentage is. The best paying casino online is simply when the casino has been audited by a reputable third-party organisation so that the payout percentage can be confirmed and verified as accurate. These groups test online slots casinos as well as the RNG (random number generator) of a company to ensure there is no fraud involved.

It is important to make sure your favourite online casino is audited regularly, otherwise, there would be nothing stopping online casinos from posting incorrect and fake payout numbers. The best payout online gambling casinos will usually display their payout percentages as well as the third-party that audits them so that players know they are fair and legal.


Now that you understand what payout percentages are, you should rightfully be asking which casino games have the best odds at winning? Usually, we break this category into the following two casino games:

  • Online Slots – Online slots are certainly the most popular form of online gambling, but what kind of payout percentages do they have? The numbers vary wildly, however, it is generally accepted that they have the worst percentage of online casinos games. On the plus side, they do usually have the biggest jackpots, which is what attracts people to online slots in the first instance. Be sure to look out for the progressive jackpots for a shot at some true life-changing money.
  • Table Games – If you are looking for the lowest house edge and biggest payout percentages, you should look at the traditional table games. The best percentages can be found playing online blackjack. You will also get great odds playing roulette, craps, baccarat and online video poker. If you want a casino game that is a combination of table games and slots then definitely try out video poker. You get the best of both worlds with a very reasonable payout percentage and low house edge.


Where can I find the fastest payouts?

  • At our site, we only list casinos online with the fastest payout times. We also make sure to let our players know how long the best online casino fast payout takes to pay.

Are there any instant payout casinos Canada?

  • At the best paying casino online, the closest to an instant payout is usually e-wallets. Platers are encouraged to try e-wallets for the fastest payout casinos.

How long does it take to withdraw real money?

  • This depends entirely on the online casino in question. At our site, we only recommend the best payout slots casinos which usually payout winnings within one to three days.
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