Third party E-Wallets are some of the more modern banking methods today and are extremely popular with online gamblers. They offer players from all over the world to make virtually instantaneous transfers, safely and securely. Many online gamblers wary of rogue online casinos love the fact that e-wallets keep your banking details safe. Your credit card details, for instance, are only ever shared with your e-wallet provider, and not with any online casino you make deposits at.

There are numerous e-wallets available online nowadays, each offering unique services and advantages.

e-wallet casinos

The best and most popular e-wallets are:


PayPal is one of the oldest and most widely used e-wallet banking services. This is one of the most secure online banking methods available to Canadians. PayPal makes use of 128-bit SSL encryption, ensuring your data is always as safe as can be.

Some of the reasons players enjoy using PayPal so much include its top-notch security, ease of access, and very easy to use system. Players are encouraged to make sure they know what the deposits and withdrawal limits are, as well as what the deposit fee is.

There are also very few countries that don’t offer full support for PayPal, and it is advised that players check to make sure their country is supported.


Neteller is one of the world’s leading e-wallet services and has been focused almost exclusively on transactions for online casinos. Many players who favour table games such as blackjack and roulette, as well as machines like online slots, believe Neteller is the best banking option available.

Like PayPal, this also supports full 128-bit SSL encryption, so players safety is guaranteed. Neteller boasts some of the safest online banking found online.

Players also enjoy very quick and smooth deposit and withdrawals with Neteller. Another great feature of Neteller is that it is extremely easy to set up new accounts and get banking right away.

Of the e-wallet services we have tried, Neteller also features the best customer support we have encountered. So, rest assured that if you have any issues, the friendly customer support will help you out.


Skrill, previously known as Moneybookers, offers the same services as Neteller and is virtually the same type of e-wallet. The only difference being that Skrill also focuses heavily on allowing members to purchase goods at online stores which they have partnered with.

So, while Skrill may be more focused towards retail purchases and not as much on online casinos, it still offers the same security and speed of payments that players can expect from other options.
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