The best high roller casinos are those that cater to people who like to make large wagers while playing casino games. These are the players who have a lot of money to gamble and like the thrill of winning big. High-roller casinos cater to those who are accustomed to the finer things in life like expensive whiskey, champagne and cigars. All of these go hand in hand with big spending at casino table games.

High-roller casinos


High-Roller is a term used by slots casinos and live casinos to describe a player who is freely spending large sums of money making big deposits and withdrawals. These are players who don’t mind betting eye-watering sums in one roll of the dice. High-rollers are fiercely defended and protected by slots casinos, who try to keep these players loyal to their casino. High rollers bring a lot of flair and revenue to casinos which is why they go all out to cater to these players. It is not uncommon for casinos to offer highrollers prizes and loyalty rewards as well as the opportunity to sit at exclusive high stakes games.


At a high roller casino, games are played exactly the same, with the same set of rules, and the same odds. The main difference is the minimum and maximum bets allowed are much higher. For instance, it is not uncommon to find slot machines with a $20 minimum bet and a $5000 maximum spin per bet. The more traditional table games such as blackjack, roulette and poker are what really attract the high rollers, and it is possible to find tables with the stakes set as much as $200,000. This does obviously depend on each casino and game. Another advantage high rollers enjoy, is they are usually allowed access to the newest games before they are officially released.


If you are someone who prefers VIP treatment and doesn’t mind paying to get it, then you should definitely consider high roller casinos. By making large deposits and wagering a lot of money, you are guaranteed to be treated like a VIP every time you play. VIP players get access to specials events or tournaments, games, as well as exclusive promotions. VIPs also get access to their own personal customer care service line, which usually resolves issues faster than normal customer care would. The best part of being in the VIP program is access to the best high roller bonus.


If you need to ask yourself if you can afford to be playing at high roller casinos, it is most likely not for you. We only recommend players try out these casinos if they have a lot of money that they truly don’t mind losing. It is not worth chasing after the benefits of being a high roller if you cannot afford to potentially lose some money along the way.

a high-roller player deposits large sums


Each casino will have their own standards or benchmarks to determine if someone is a high roller or not. Generally speaking, it is someone who deposits and gambles large sums of real cash. If you need a more precise margin, it would be best to contact your favourite high roller online casino loyalty program, and they should be able to tell you more or less what is expected. Usually, these high roller reward programs operate on a points system which is determined by how much you deposit and spend.


What are high-roller casinos? A high-roller casino is one that caters specifically to big spending players. These are players who like to wager huge sums of money, in the hope of winning even bigger sums back from the casino. High roller casinos offer rewards to players who bet such large sums of cash.

Do I need to bet a lot? If you wish to become a high roller you will need to deposit regular large sums of cash and make wagers. Usually, a high roller online casino Canada operate on a points system, which you only accumulate after depositing large amounts of real money.

Do VIP players have withdrawal limits? They do. However, these are usually higher and not the same as regular players limits. As high rollers deal in large sums the amounts will be different.

Is becoming a VIP player really worth it? That depends on each player and how much they can afford to gamble and lose. The rewards and benefits are definitely great and will help you in the long run. However, if you simply cannot afford the large sums required to become a high roller then rather stick to regular online casinos.

What is the legal age for casino online gambling? This depends on your region and the gambling laws therein. A safe bet, however, is that you need to be at least 18 years old before you are legally allowed to gamble.

What casino games are the best to play as a high roller? Generally speaking, high rollers prefer playing traditional casino games. The most popular is a game of high roller poker.
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