If you are in any way unsure about how all the different slot machine variations work, then you have come to the right place. We know exactly how complex modern day online slots have become. You may have been an expert at the 3-reel fruit machines from yesteryear, but recent video slots are sometimes difficult to understand. Carry on reading for the full breakdown of online slot machine variations and how to master them. Learn how to play online slots and win some Canadian real money.

How to play online slots


Whether you are completely new to online slots or somewhat of a pro, our guide will help you out. Our guide is also relevant to slots at land-based casinos as the machines themselves remain incredibly similar. Most slot games have a “max bet” button, which allows players to bet the maximum allowed per spin or play. Some players, however, prefer to set their own bet. Follow these steps below if you would like to learn how:


The first step is fairly straightforward but very important. Canadian players need to choose a slot machine that appeals to them. Players have a huge variety of choice when picking an online slot machine. If this is your first time, we would recommend a slot with about ten paylines as it is easier to see what is going on. Once you have selected your slot machine, simply click play and wait for the game to load.


Once you have loaded into your game of choice, you are almost ready to spin the reels. The first thing you will need to decide is how much you want each coin to be worth. In most slots, this ranges from $0.01 to $10.00 per coin. If you are playing with $100.00, it is a good idea not to select the highest value per coin as in this instance you would only get ten spins. You need to play with a value that allows you a decent amount of spins so you can play for longer.


After you have determined the number of credits you will spend on each coin, it is time to decide how many coins you wish to wager on each payline. This varies from slot to slot, but you can usually expect to bet between 1 and 10 per line.


The final step before hitting play or spin is deciding the number of paylines you would like to wager on. This can be a bit tricky to understand as some machines have up 100 paylines. Fortunately, most online slot machines do have a “help” or “?” section where they will show you exactly what the paylines are. Modern slots are much more complex than the old 3-reel, 3-line fruit machines. If this is your first time playing a slot machine, we would recommend starting off relatively small at about ten paylines. This will give you the chance to learn how paylines work before moving up to the bigger, more complex machines.

Step 5

Once you have decided on the bet value and paylines you are ready to hit that spin button! Simply click it and watch the reels go. The machine will keep your bet settings so you can keep spinning each play and not have to reset your bet every time. Some machines even offer autoplay, so you don’t have to click spin each time.


  • Bet as many paylines as you can afford – If you are on a budget, lower the bet amount before lowering the paylines you want to play. There is nothing worse than landing a big jackpot which is on a payline you didn’t play.
  • Use special features – Look for games with features like autoplay or fast play as this will help speed up your gaming. Also, look out for slots that have cool in-game features as this often rewards players will.
  • Learn the rules – Certain jackpots require a minimum bet before activating. Be sure to read the rules so you won’t be disappointed. Look at each slot’s individual help page before playing to make sure you are familiar with the payouts.
  • Use free spins – Even though you won’t be winning any money, make use of the free to play options. This will help you learn a slot before committing real money. It may also help avoid playing a slot for real money that you simply don’t enjoy. So, give it a go.
  • Online Casino Bonuses and free spins – Before to look out for welcome bonuses and free spins that online casinos offer as this will make your money go much further.
  • Use bet max – The bet max button is a quick and easy way to bet the maximum on each spin. This is great for getting the biggest payouts and jackpots. Just make sure you can afford to play a good few spins whilst betting the maximum or your money will run out quickly.
  • Use free play – Dont forget that you can enjoy free slots online! All the best online casinos offer online slots free for you to practice on.


There are three main types of online slot machines that Canadians can expect to find at their favourite internet casinos.

3 Reel Classics – These are the old school original slots that only had three reels. Each payline only had three symbols which needed to match up in order to win. You can still find these simple slots online at all the top casinos. Play them for nostalgia, not big jackpots. If its big jackpots you are after then take a look at the more modern slot machines.

Multi-payline and Multi reel – In modern Canadian online slots players have access to many paylines across multiple reels. You can easily find slots with 25 or 50 paylines and 5 reels. This, in some instances, gives players up to 243 ways in which they can match symbols and win.

Progressive slots – These slots are connected with thousands of players feeding a small portion of their wagers into a huge jackpot. Often the odds of winning at progressive slots is reduced. However, the jackpot payout is much bigger than usual slot machines. So, the draw for most players is less frequent wins, but if you do happen to win, you usually win big. Be sure to go through our casino online reviews to see which are the top payout online casinos.

Online slot machines


Slots are by nature a game of chance and are completely random. Apart from knowing what casino and games you want to play, there are very few things one can actually do to improve your chances of winning.

Jackpots are completely random and are usually paid out upon game completion. Some of the top slots have two or even three jackpots. This offers players many opportunities to walk away a winner.

Most modern slots have wild symbols, which is essentially a kind of joker as it can mix and match with other symbols to create winning combinations. Wild’s give players more opportunities for matching symbols and winning. Some of the top slots online don’t allow wilds to substitute for the very high-value symbols.

Bonus rounds are usually offered by most of the best online slots. These are free bonus rounds that trigger when certain conditions are met and can award huge payouts.


Many players find pay tables to be the most confusing aspect of online slots. The most important thing to know is that matching three symbols on a pay table will result in a win. Players are advised to look up each slot pay tables to see what symbols reward the most money. Knowing which symbols to look out for makes betting fun, and helps players understand what’s going on. Play smart and read the slot machines help section or paytable section to see what pays out and under what conditions.

Online slots paylines


If you are playing real money slot machines, you may become tempted to play fewer lines with an increased bet per line.

This would essentially mean a bigger net win than if you had bet $0.01 per line and played 25 lines.

The main consideration here though, is that reducing your number of lines means you will have much less chance of winning. Also, some specific bonuses are only triggered if you play all 25 lines. This means you would be losing out on certain extra features.

Reducing your bet to play all paylines means you can play longer and have higher odds of winning. Yes, it does mean your jackpot won’t be as high value however the payoff, in the long run, is better. Also, as mentioned it means you won’t miss out on any of those sweet extra features.

We highly recommend you reduce your bet per line before reducing the number of paylines. Ensure you always play with the maximum number of paylines to ensure you have the best odds at winning.

Be sure to check out our top ten gambling tips to maximise your winnings!

Lastly, remember to always have fun while online gambling!


To fully comprehend the rules and gameplay of online slots. Players need to know the following terms.


These are rectangular symbols with the word bar on it. These are the most common forms of symbols to appear on the reels. It can come in single, double, or triple forms.


Also known as a wager, this is the amount of money a gambler places on a slot before a spin.

Max Bet

This is the maximum amount of money that a player can bet on each spin.

Bonus Game

These are events triggered by certain combinations. A player is awarded the opportunity to win extra cash!

Classic Slots

These slots are traditional and contain only some images.

Coin Size

This is the value of the coins that a player wants to place.

Coins Per Line

This is the number of coins a gambler bets on the paylines.

Expanding Wild

This wild expands and can result in all the reels being filled.


These are bonuses associated with wilds and multiply depending on how many symbols you match.


This is the lines a player needs to land symbols on to create a winning combination.


This is the amount of money an online casino pays out if a player wins.


This is the corresponding payout for a winning combination.

Stacked Wilds

These are wilds that are stacked on top of one another on one reel.

Wild Symbol

This symbol replaces other symbols to form a successful combination.

Winning Combination

This is the possibilities displayed by the pay table, indicating which symbols will result in a player winning.

Online slots FAQs


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