A growing trend among the best online casinos and one that is expected to grow in 2018 is online live casino games. These are casino games that use live dealers and equipment in place of random number generators and computer graphics. Players can still enjoy their favourite table games online, however, they will actually see a real roulette wheel spinning or real cards being dealt. This truly is the best of both worlds. It is like being at a real casino in your living room! The best part is that live casinos can be enjoyed from your desktop or mobile devices, as they are optimised for both.Enjoy live casino table games


Hosting and sponsoring online casino games is expensive and difficult as it is, which is why top online casinos do not actually develop their own casino games. This process is just too complex and expensive. Slots casinos make use of casino games developed by specialised software developers. Live casino games take a greater investment and operating cost, and these are the top developers to look out for:

  • Microgaming – Microgaming is a powerhouse in the casino software industry as it is the biggest casino software developer in the world today. Offering over 800 titles, you are sure to find something you like with Microgaming. Microgaming launched their first successful live casino game in 2006, which was a live baccarat table. They now feature poker, roulette and blackjack as well.
  • Evolution gaming – Evolution gaming only develops live casino games which means they are specialists in this particular industry. As a specialist, they offer the biggest selection of live casino games, which include the following: roulette, blackjack, hold’em, three card poker, stud poker, and VIP red room.
  • NetEnt – NetEnt does not offer the biggest selection of live casino games, however, they do offer some of the very best. These include roulette, blackjack and common draw blackjack.


As with any online casino, it can be daunting and confusing choosing an online live casino. Players are advised to go through this quick checklist to help choose the best live casino for them.

  • Software – Some software developers either specialise in or offer more live casinos than others. Be sure to select an online casino which is partnered with a good software developer which that provides live casino games.
  • Security – Players should only play at online casinos that offer full encryption software. This ensures their online data protection.
  • Variety – It is pretty straightforward, the more games to choose from the better.

Live Casinos Available to Canadians in 2018. Play the Best Live Casinos Online.


Live casinos offer something online slots don’t, the human element. It can be fun and satisfying to get social interaction with a live dealer or other live players.

Many people enjoy to online gamble due to the social element and miss that when playing online. Live casinos can plug this gap and make playing online just as fun.

Some new players and even veterans still don’t fully trust random number generators. They prefer the real thing, this is where live casinos can help bridge the gap as they are online and use real equipment.


Live casinos usually use more data than other online casino games, which is something players should take into consideration.

Live casinos are also often slower as there is a human element involved. You could land up waiting on other players or the dealer themselves whereas automated games occur exactly when you want them to.

You may need to wait for a seat at some live casinos which you wouldn’t usually need to do online.


  • Live Baccarat – Baccarat has three main variants, punto banco, chemin de fer, and baccarat banque. These can all be enjoyed as live casino games.
  • Live Poker – This live version of the game can be enjoyed by the dealer or other live players. This is a great game to enjoy if you prefer a little social interaction. There are quite a few different variations of poker so be sure to find your favourite.
  • Live Blackjack – This is one of the most popular live casino games. Here you usually play against the dealer.
  • Live Roulette – People who don’t fully trust the random number generators love playing live roulette as they get to see a physical wheel and spinning ball.

Live Casinos Available to Canadians in 2018. Play the Best Live Casinos Online.


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