Baccarat is one of the oldest known casino table games. Similar to blackjack, this game involves players trying to amass a hand of cards at a certain value. Players will need to try and get a hand valued at nine or as close to as possible. Traditionally, this card game is popular with high rollers and was recently shown to be the most profitable game at some casinos. Macau Casino reported that baccarat is responsible for over 90% of their revenue. James Bond may have shown people the existence of baccarat, but very few people actually know how to play it or what the rules are. Carrying on reading to find out how to play online baccarat, and which are the best online casinos to enjoy this classic game at.

Online Baccarat game for kings


Baccarat is actually pronounced with a silent “t”. It is a very popular table game that is played with decks of cards. The most popular version of this game is called Punto Banco is strictly a game of chance. There are other variations that involve a small element of skill. However, players usually do not have as much influence over a game of baccarat as players would in other games like blackjack. Part of the reason why baccarat enjoys so much popularity is that in some versions of the game the house edge can be as low as 1%. This gives players a great chance at beating the house consistently.

It is still up for debate when and where the game originates from. Some say Italians taught French soldiers the game during the 15th Century. Another theory is that the game evolved from the Italian game Macao or the Chinese variants of Pai Gow or Che Zhang. Either way, versions of modern baccarat have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity, and the best news is that the game is now available online for you to enjoy. Just head over to our slots casinos.


Baccarat in all its variations whether it be at the table or online requires the player or dealers (also called the banker) hand to total nine or as close to as possible. Players are allowed to bet on their hands, or the dealers hand winning, and can even bet on a tied result, which is also known as a coup.

Most common variations see the player dealt two cards face up. Some variations allow a player to draw a third card under certain circumstances. Often a player is not actually given the choice of drawing a third card or not.

Each card is assigned a specific value, which is how one determines the value of their hand. The cards two through nine equal their respective face values. IE a seven of diamonds will be valued at seven. Tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings are all equally valued at 0 points while an Ace is valued at 1 point.

To get your total, you add up the value of your hand according to the values of the cards. If your total exceeds nine, you subtract ten points. For example, if you have an 8 and a 5 in your hand you total the two values to get 13. Since this is over nine, you then subtract 10 to reach a total of 3. Any combination of two cards that equal nine is called a natural hand and will instantly win you the round. The second strongest hand is any combination that totals 8. These are the core rules or goals of baccarat, and there are only slight differences with other variations of the game.

It is recommended to understand these core rules and then ask the dealer or banker what the other variations are. Or make use of the handy help button that most online baccarat games provide. This will help you understand each different variation rules. The only slightly complicated part of baccarat can be understanding when you are allowed a third card or not. There are certain scenarios when a player is allowed to draw a third card. You will be informed of this if you read the help section.

Baccarat perfect 9

If you are still unsure about the rules, why not play online baccarat for free at any of the top-rated online casinos? Learn the game while not having to commit real money online.


Banker bet – This is when a player wagers that the banker will win the round.

Burn – An action in which the first card is drawn is put back into the shoe and not used, to prevent cheating.

Commision – This is an amount of money taken from the player if they bet on the banker to win and the banker did win.

Draw – To take more cards to add to your hand value.

Natural eight – this is a combination of two cards that equal 8 and is usually a winning hand.

Natural nine – this is a combination of two cards that total 9 and will instantly win you the round. This is also known as baccarat.

Player bet – This is a wager that the player will win the round.

Stand – This is an indication that you do not wish any more cards and are happy with the two you currently have.

Shoe – This is the container that houses the cards that are being played with.

Tie – This is when the banker and players hands equal each other in value.



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