Online slots are the digital equivalent of the highly popular slot machines found at live land-based casinos. Real money online slots spin digital reels which have various symbols on them. The machine will payout if the player manages to correctly match a combination of symbols from the reels. Canadian slots online are a very popular form of real money gambling with Canadians and the world over. Modern video slots have come a long way from their origins. Slot machines go by a variety of different names depending on where you are in the world. These include:

  • Slot machines
  • Pokies (Common in Australia and New Zealand)
  • Puggys (Common English/Scottish slang term)
  • Fruit machines (Derived from the older machines that used fruit symbols)
  • One armed bandit (Derived from older machines which had a big lever used to spin the reels)

Casino slots have changed drastically over the years since their invention in 1895 by American creator Charles Fey. Read on below to discover everything you wish to know about the best video slots in Canada 2018. Our experts also provide reviews and guides to make sure you play the best slots for real money. Read our step-by-step guide on how to play real money online slots Canada here.

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Over time there have been many different versions of internet slots. At present, there are two main types of online slots that Canadians should be aware of:

While both types of slots operate in virtually the same fashion, there is one major difference which separates the two. A progressive jackpot is one which grows incrementally as more players keep playing the slot machine. Every time someone makes a wager on a progressive jackpot slot machine, a small percentage of the wager is added to the jackpot making it grow bigger and bigger. The more people playing the same online slot all over the world, the bigger the jackpot becomes.

Non-progressive jackpots, on the other hand, have a set jackpot which does not change. If a player manages to match the set combination required to win, the player will win the same jackpot every time. This means no matter how many people play the slot machine, or how much money is spent, the jackpot will remain static.

While the progressive jackpot offers huge jackpots compared to non-progressive, the payout percentage and odds of winning on progressive online slot machines, are generally less. These machines payout less frequently than non-progressive jackpots, however when they do, the jackpot tends to be life-changing. This is why progressive jackpots are so popular around the world.

The other variations of slots are based on the number of reels the slot machine uses. Slot machines have come a long way since the three-reel fruit machines. Now Canadian gamblers can enjoy the following types of slots online:

  • 3-reel slots – Older slot machines used this number of reels. These can still be found online.
  • 5-reel slots – The staple of modern slots. Most video slot games use five reels.
  • 9-reel slots – These are less common, but can be found on the bigger online casinos.

As a bonus, if you are ever unsure about how any of these different slot machines play, be sure to try free online slots as this is a great way to learn how they work.


As mentioned already, the first slot machine was invented in 1895 by American Charles Fey when he created the Liberty Bell, which featured three reels. The name Liberty Bell came about as Fey Used Liberty Bell symbols on the reels. The rest of the symbols included:

  • Horseshoes
  • Diamonds
  • Spades
  • Hearts
  • The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell gained in popularity throughout America, until in 1908, fruit machines started popping up in local bars, barber shops and brothels. Fruit machines of all types replaced the Liberty Bell and could be found all across America.

In 1963, Bally software providers produced the worlds firth electromechanical slot game. This particular slot machine was titled Money Honey. Money Honey was the first slot machine that could produce winnings without the help of a dealer. Coins would automatically be paid out by the machine. Check out our gambling history page if you are interested to read more.


The eighties saw the introduction of the first video slot machine. This opened the doors for a huge variety of ways in which slot machines could be portrayed. The first and most noticeable change was that slot machines now used graphics to appeal to players instead of stickers of symbols on reels. The visually stimulating graphics provided a much-needed lift and charm to slot machines, which attracted players around the world. The second biggest thing to come about with video slots was the introduction of five reels instead of three. This gave gamblers more ways in which to win.

Eventually, in 1994, slot machines ventured into the cyber world and bring us to gambling online. This is what we at specialise in. Ever since the first online slot machines became playable we have been looking for the best online slots! One could say that the most recent development in slot machine history, is the push to increase online gambling on mobile devices. Players can now enjoy their favourite slots whilst gambling from their mobile phones. In the modern era, there are literally thousands of slot machines players can enjoy.


  • Big hit – This refers to a big jackpot win made by the player when playing slots for real money.
  • Coin size – This refers to the number of credits or coins a player wishes to wager each round.
  • Expanding wild – This is a symbol on the reels that usually has a unique ability. This often leads to big wins.
  • Loose slots – This refers to video slots which supposedly pay out more frequently than other machines.
  • Reels – Reels refer to the columns of symbols that spin on the screen.
  • RNG – This is an abbreviation for random number generator. This is software that ensures all gambling is fair and completely random.
  • Scatter – A scatter is a type of symbol found on slot machines which unlock various bonus features. This could be online free spins or bonus rounds depending on the game itself.
  • Tight slots – These refer to slots that don’t pay out often.
  • Video slots – This is a modern type of online slot that has no physical reel. It uses graphics to create virtual reels and symbols which spin.


One of the best features of slots casinos is that most online casino games can be enjoyed for free. That’s right, you can play your favourite games as free slots online Canada. This is a great way to test games you are unsure about or don’t quite understand, before committing real money. Not sure if you like an online slot? Play it for free before you deposit any money. Of course, one of the main reasons people play at online casinos is to win big jackpots, and you won’t be able to do that playing for free.

These are the benefits of playing free slots online for :

  • Your hard-earned bankroll will not be at risk when playing  free Canadian slots.
  • You can test games to see if you like them or learn the rules if you need to
  • You can have a little fun without risking any money

There are also some disadvantages to playing free online slots:

  • You cannot cash out any winnings you might make while playing free Canadian slots.
  • Landing a big win that isn’t actually real can be frustrating when playing free Canadian slots.
  • You lose the adrenaline you would otherwise get from a real money online slots Canada machine


When you gamble online there are no guaranteed strategies for winning at the best slots online real money. The house enjoys a significant house edge over players which is designed to always win in the long run. There are a few tips however, that will help you maximise your bankroll and improve your gambling online casino experience.

Decide on a winning limit

This may sound crazy, but as mentioned online slots real money are designed to beat you in the long run. If you set a winning limit and you cash out when you hit that limit, you are guaranteed to walk away with some cash. If you carrying on playing there is a real chance you will lose it all and have nothing to show for it.

Choose an online slot that suits you

Always find online casino slots that suit your needs and budget. If you only have CA$200 and you pick an online slot machines that costs CA$100 per spin of the reels, you won’t be playing for very long. In this scenario, it would be better to pick a machine where you can spin all the reels at a cost of CA$10, giving you twenty spins to win.

Decide on a loss limit

It is also always good practice to decide on a loss limit. Stick to this limit, and if you hit it walk away and play another day. Players that break through their loss limits are usually people who have a gambling problem and don’t know when to quit.

Always play online slots for free

If you are ever unsure about how a new online slot plays or how often it pays out, try and see if you can play online slots for free. Online slots free play allows you to play a slot as much as you would like to see roughly how many spins it would take to payout or hit the bonus features. This will allow you to plan your bankroll and see how many spins you need to play on average, to hit something meaningful. We always encourage our readers to play free slots online Canada.

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