When playing online slots real money it is vitally more important to make sure you are playing at the casinos you can trust. After all, if you are playing with real money, you want trust, excitement and customer support.

Our dedicated review team will ensure the top casinos recommended on our site help you find the best real money casino. There is no better way to find top online slots to play for Canadian dollars.

We have developed a simple guide to use which will help you locate the best online casino Canada real money.

Canadian dollars real money casino


  • Background safety check – Before checking each casino, we perform thorough investigations on the casino to determine if it is trustworthy or not. We ensure the casino is fully compliant and licensed before recommending it on our site. We also investigate to ensure the proper encryptions software is present. This will mean your personal data will be correctly protected at all times. We also perform background checks on each company to see where they are based, where it is registered and who owns the casino.
  • Depositing money and customer support – When playing for money online it is vitally important that players are able to easily and consistently deposit real money to top up their bankrolls. We check those online casinos for real money that offer all the popular deposit methods, such as Visa & Mastercard, PayPal, and Neteller, to name a few. During this process, we also contact the customer support team with a number of fake issues and queries to see how well they respond.
  • Playing games and cashing out – The final step in our review process is perhaps the most important. We deposit and play with our own real money and proceed to play a wide array of casino games online such as slots, table casino games and sports betting. We put our money on the line to find the rogue casinos so you don’t have to! Once we have managed to win a little, we cash out our remaining balance to see how quickly and easily the casino pays out.
  • Rating and approval – Once a casino has been fully evaluated, we give a final score. We only recommend casinos that pass our background checks, have great banking and customer support, and regularly payout when they are supposed to. Canadians don’t need to worry when gambling online at our top-rated casinos as we have thoroughly put them to the test and even committed our own dollars!

PLAY CASINO GAMES FOR REAL MONEY provides gamers with a huge variety of games where gamers can play for cash online. Online casino games range from online slots and casino table games including Blackjack, poker, roulette and craps. Playing for real money online provides gamers with the same sense of thrill they get when gambling at a live casino. Players can also gamble at live online casino games with can provide a feeling of being in a community. These Casinos require players to create an account and deposit real money into their accounts before betting real money.


While we do like to provide our players with all manner of online casino games, our focus has always been on providing the absolute best real money slots online. Rest assured that our experts have reviewed literally thousands of online slots for real money to make sure only the best are recommended to Canadians.


The best real money casino sites offer players from Canada casino bonuses to help make their bankroll go further. Real money casinos do this in an attempt to lure new players to their casino or keep existing players. Players are encouraged to find online casinos that offer the best bonuses as this will potentially help them win real money online. Players should look out for the following bonuses offered by most online casinos:


This form of bonus is often the most sought after by online gamblers. Players receive this bonus simply for signing up with a casino. They don’t need to actually deposit any real money before receiving the bonus. This is great for players who literally want a free bonus without committing any money of their own. No deposit bonuses don’t always reward real money, they sometimes offer free spins bonus online on certain slot machines as well.


The welcome bonus is the most common form of bonus found online. This bonus is offered to new players who sign up with the casino. Usually, the welcome bonus is dependent on players making their first real money deposit with the casino. Often players will need to perform a set number of wagers or bets before the full bonus is paid out, so be sure to carefully read each online casino bonus structure before committing real money online.


Match bonuses are when real money casinos match a player’s deposit. This is an incentive for players to deposit money into their accounts with the online casino. The match bonus is sometimes equal to the player’s deposit, however, in most cases, it is just a percentage of the amount. For instance, an online casino will offer to match a player’s deposit for the amount of 50%. This instantly gives you 50% more credits in which to gamble online.


Slots are the most popular form of real money gambling online. They are the easiest to understand and pick up for new players and veterans alike. The other reason or their huge popularity online is the massive jackpots they can pay out. There are two types of real money online slots Canada:

  • Static jackpot slots – A static jackpot is an online slot machine that has a fixed jackpot. The actual jackpot does not change from spin to spin and is instead a constant figure. These machines usually payout more frequently, but in smaller amounts.
  • Progressive jackpot slots – These are the biggest casino payouts players can win playing any online casino game. This jackpot continuously grows for every spin a player makes on the same specific slot machine. The more players playing the same online slot machine the bigger the progressive jackpot grows. Eventually, when someone lands on the winning combination they will win themselves a massive payout.


If you prefer playing online table games as opposed to slots you can find real money versions online as well. In fact, you would be offered the same welcome bonuses and can gamble at the same casinos you find the best online slots at. All of our top online casinos offer slots and a full range of the best online table games. You can enjoy baccarat, poker, roulette, craps and the ever-popular blackjack online, and experience the same sign-up bonuses and rewards.


Once you have received your welcome bonus and are ready to gamble online, players should manage their bankrolls correctly to maximise their chances at walking away with real money. A player’s bankroll is the money they have set aside to play and gamble online with. Understanding how to manage your bankroll effectively is the best way of ensuring you walk away with some real money. The tips listed below should help new players in managing their bankroll:

  • Choosing a game suited to your bankroll – Players should only play games or wagers that are suited to their bankroll. For instance, if your bankroll is $200 and you decide to play a 5-reel 50 payline online slot machine at the maximum bet, you could be wagering $100 each and every spin of the reels. Clearly, this wouldn’t make sense as you would only get one spin, or one opportunity to win. If you lost, your bankroll would be considerably depleted. In this scenario, a player with a bankroll of $200, should be looking to wager about $5 to $10 each play to maximise their winning potential and give them a decent number of plays before their bankroll is done.
  • Set a winning limit – This sounds contrary to what gambling is all about, winning big jackpots. Why would you limit your earnings? When you find yourself on a hot winning streak it is difficult to cap your earnings and walk away. This is, however, exactly what players should do if they wish to consistently walk away a winner. Due to the house edge, the casino is statistically always going to win in the long run. Therefore, the longer you play the more likely it is that you will lose the bankroll you have just accumulated. Often players win big and continue betting only to hit a cold streak and walk away with absolutely nothing. Don’t let this be you! Always set a winning limit and pocket that cash if you happen to hit it.
  • Set a losing limit – Even more important than a winning limit, is setting a strict loss limit. Firstly, players should only ever gamble with what they are prepared to lose. Secondly, players should stick to their losing limit. Never recap your bankroll if you go over your loss limit. This will only cause you to “chase the win”, which in turn will result in even heavier losses.
  • Stick to your bankroll – This is a vital part of regularly gambling online. There will be occasions of big wins, and there will also be occasions when you lose your bankroll in one sitting. That is the nature of gambling. Be prepared for it and never surpass your loss limit. If you blow through your bankroll, admit defeat and walk away. Come back another day with a fresh bankroll and try again. This will limit heavy defeats or losses and will ensure you never lose more than you are prepared to.


As mentioned in how we review online casinos, we pay special attention to being able to easily deposit and withdraw real money at online casinos. This is after all what real money gambling online is all about. Being able to deposit money so you can play, and being able to withdraw money in the event you win a jackpot. When gambling with your own hard-earned money players need to know a casino can be trusted with their deposit and also with a withdrawal. It is vitally important that each player knows what banking methods are offered by a casino as well as what the withdrawal limits and payout times are.


Players can use traditional deposit methods such as debit or credit cards and direct transfers. Alternatively, they can also make use of e-wallet services. This gives online gamblers great flexibility in depositing real money online. Players should investigate each casino carefully to ensure they offer the deposit methods they prefer. Some things to look out for include:

  • What the casino’s minimum deposit amount is.
  • Which currencies each online casino accepts.
  • What financial service providers are recognized by the casino.
  • Whether or not the casino used the correct 128-bit encryption software for security.


Similar to deposits, withdrawals are also vitally important to real money players. Players like to know that any big real money jackpots they may win will be paid out correctly and timeously. Take a look at each online casino details regarding the following:

  • Can you withdraw funds using the same method you deposited them with?
  • Does the casino have a withdrawal limit? Most do.
  • How long does it take for money to clear once you have withdrawn it?


  • How do I deposit money into online casinos?
  • Can I use different currencies?
  • Is it safe to deposit money into an online casino?
  • What do I do if I have any issues when depositing money?
  • What is a deposit bonus?
  • Can I play real money casino games on a mobile device?
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