Vip Host River Rock Casino Loses License

Allegations of buy-ins by third parties at the VIP gambling relations of River Rock Casino has led to investigations which resulted in a VIP host of the casino losing her registration and license.

The Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB), deregistered Lisa Gao, as they are responsible for all legal gambling within the Canadian province of British Columbia. It appears that Gao has been providing VIP service to gamblers at River Rock Casino for over five years.

After an in-depth investigation launched in November last year, Gao’s registration was revoked. Alleged third party buy-ins that violate British Columbia anti-money-laundering laws prompted the investigation into the VIP gambling Director.

River Rock Casino

GPEB Set To Review Gao’s Case In Full

Media outlets have officially requested comments from the British Columbian Lottery Corporation (BCLC) regarding the allegations surrounding Gao. Media outlets state the BCLC have since passed on these comments to the Ministry of the Attorney-General. Here it was confirmed that Gao broke the laws regarding third-party cash buy-ins.

The Vancouver Sun has since stated that the decision to cancel Gao’s registration could have been pre-mature despite investigations being conducted since November. A request was put through to the GPEB to review the decision in full and come to a final consensus on Gao’s transgressions.

B.C Casinos Could Face Trouble

In the wake of the investigations into Gao, come further troubling investigations which could be bad news for British Columbia Casinos. The Attorney-General requested investigations into how Chinese high-roller gamblers could flood B.C Casinos with what is being termed as “suspicious” money. A full audit was requested and has since been carried out.

The audit revealed that in 2015 at River Club Casino, $13.5 million in cash was accepted in $20 bill denominations.  It is suspected that most of this cash was the proceeds of drug-related activity. Further investigations revealed large quantities of cash were dropped off at the casino at night time, and being labelled as deposits by high-roller “Asian VIP” clients.

Further to this, River Rock Casino also allegedly allowed VIP players to buy $500,000 worth of chips in cash without first verifying the source of the cash. A full investigation into the communication between the owner of River Rock Casino and BCLC has now been requested to try to determine if the casino has been used as a front for money laundering of illicit cash.
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