Sports betting is a very common hobby the world over. This involves players predicting a certain outcome of sporting events, and placing wagers on their prediction. Usually, players are given a set of odds, depending on how likely or unlikely their prediction is, and this determines how much they are paid out if the win. Players today can wager on a whole host of sports from baseball, football, basketball, hockey, motorsports, or even golf.

Online sports betting has made this hobby so much easier and convenient. Now players can place their wagers from the comfort of their own home without actually having to go anywhere. We encourage our players, however, to make sure they only place bets through reputable, trustworthy sports books to ensure their online safety.

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It is almost impossible to track the origin of sports betting as it is something which mankind has been doing since sporting events first materialised. It is believed that the ancient Olympic Games from Greece not only started the origins of sporting events but also pioneered sports betting. The first record of sports betting dates back some 2,000 years ago.

One of the oldest and most popular forms of sports betting is horse racing. Traditionally horse racing was seen as the most glamorous and prestigious forms of sports betting. Huge amounts of money are involved in the training and riding of the world’s best horses. This translates into some truly awe-inspiring wagers being placed on horse racing winners.

Sports betting centres were traditionally opened around various locations. You would need to visit the actual centre to place any bets on sports. More often than not you could also place wagers at the actual sporting event itself. This is especially true in the case of horse racing. In modern times, however, players can now place their bets online from the comfort of their own home. This has resulted in a surge in popularity again of sports betting, which had seemed like it was waning slightly.


The most appealing thing about sports betting is the huge variety on offer. No matter which is your favourite sport to watch or play, you should be able to find a sports book offering wagers on that sport. Now with online sports betting you can place instant wagers from virtually anywhere. One thing to note as well is that different sports enjoy different levels of popularity depending on where you are in the world. Some nations don’t play Rugby, whereas others enjoy Ice Hockey. It all depends on where you are, however, the best online casinos are aware of this and cater to pretty much everyone by offering virtually all sports. Some of the more popular online sports betting includes:

  • Football (Soccer) – Football is a truly global sporting event. This is widely regarded as the most popular and most watched sport of all. In fact, the Soccer World Cup is said to receive over 2 billion viewers. Players enjoy betting on the Soccer World Cup as well as the yearly leagues available such as the British Premier League.
  • American Football – This refers to one of America’s favourite sports, American football. Players enjoy betting on the various leagues available as well as College Football which enjoys a huge following. The truly huge sporting event, however, is the Super Bowl, which has massive viewership.
  • Basketball – Another popular American sport. Basketball is enjoyed by many sports fans across the globe. The most popular league by far is the NBA.
  • Golf – Golf Sports betting on golfers and golf sporting events has been on the increase in recent times. There are many betting options available to players.


SPorts betting works exactly the same as your normal casino account. You top up your sports betting account with real Canadian money and then place wagers on your favourite sports and teams. All normal online banking methods are accepted, from Visa and Mastercards to direct wire transfers and e-wallet services.


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