Visa and Mastercard are the two biggest worldwide credit and debit card companies. They are available for use virtually anywhere for any purchase. For many Canadians, they remain the two easiest forms of online banking around. All of the top online casinos allow players to effortlessly deposit money and make withdrawals when using Visa or Mastercard. We, in fact, challenge anyone to find an online casino that doesn’t support the use of Visa and Mastercard.

Visa and mastercard casino banking options


Visa and Mastercard offer clients debit and credit cards which work exactly as we have come to expect these cards too. The only major difference between credit and debit cards is that debit cards allow you to deposit money from the money you already have in your account, whereas credit cards allow you to take money out on credit and use that as a deposit instead.

Whether you use credit or debit cards be sure to check with your bank which card offers the best payment and usage structures. Some cards, for instance, charge you for deposits whilst others give you free unlimited transfers. No matter which option you make use of, however, the deposit is usually extremely quick and in most cases almost instantaneous.


There are many reasons why it would be a good idea to choose Visa or Mastercard as your casino banking option of choice, with few downsides.

  • Visa and Mastercard collectively are the two biggest card operating companies in the world. This means they are wildly supported and recognised everywhere, which makes using them extremely easy.
  • The transaction time when depositing or withdrawal is some of the quickest players can enjoy. There really aren’t many faster options available.
  • The security offered is very good, which is something online gamblers are quite concerned with. Typically, each card makes use of OTPs or one-time pins, as well as an SMS alert system. This allows players to stay updated and in control of their finances.

In fact, the only downside some people have with Visa and Mastercard is that some of your personal banking information is shared with the casino you may deposit cash with. It is for this reason that some players prefer to use e-wallets which don’t share any of your personal information.
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