Direct wire transfers are another very popular banking and deposit method used by online gamblers around the world. This is a banking method whereby people can make electronic funds transfers to their online casino of choice. This is one of the oldest and original methods used to top up your online casino account.

wire transfers casino banking deposit method


One of the main bonuses of using wire transfers as a banking method is that money can be transferred to any country. This makes it ideal for players whose favourite online casino is based abroad. Most of the top online casinos today are based in Malta and Gibraltar. It is important to remember that wire fund transfers can take a few days to clear depending on your bank and the casino.

There are a few advantages to using wire transfers, such as:

  • Wire transfers are usually very cheap.
  • Virtually anyone with a bank account has access to wire transfers.
  • Most countries worldwide accept and process wire transfers, making it a stable option.


  • A player should contact their bank and inform them of the wire transfer so that it is not logged as possible fraud.
  • Query your bank if you are allowed to deposit funds into online casinos.
  • Double check the withdrawal and deposit limits for wire transfers to your online casino.
  • Provide your bank with all the relevant transaction details.
  • Wait for the transaction to finalise.
  • Write down the banking details of the online casino so you have it for future reference.


Direct wire transfers are some of the easiest and most widely received forms of payment available online. They are not as quick as card options or e-wallets, however, if you prefer good old wire transfers for their directness of not having to use third parties, then, by all means, go ahead. You shouldn’t encounter any issues whilst using this form of online banking.
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